Laboratorios AndoPharm S.A.

Laboratorios Andopharm, S.A. is a pharmaceutical distributor founded in 1995 with the aim of responding to the needs of private and public companies in the health sector in Andorra and Europe as a whole.



Our main activity is the distribution of pharmaceutical products in Andorra, working as a wholesaler within the Principality of Andorra and selling to pharmacies throughout the region. We distribute products from across the western world and represent a large number of brands, mainly Spanish and French. We distribute international products to medical and health professionals in any country worldwide.  



Brand representation is based on frequent dealings with pharmacies and taking care of the display and placement of brands. We represent and distribute brands, actively promoting them across pharmacies throughout Andorra. We provide manufacturers with recommendations and suggestions based on the market dynamics apparent in the Principality of Andorra, enabling us to effectively respond to our competitors’ movements and increase our market share in the sector.



With an extensive portfolio of international medicines, our network supplies the whole world. We are also fully aware of the necessary legal and administrative procedures required for the international distribution of medicines. One of our key objectives is to guarantee the fast delivery of medicines anywhere in the world; we are able to search for medicines quickly and effectively and deliver the requested products at a reasonable price.


Andopharm has gained an excellent reputation for the supply of international medicines that are difficult to find and for the quick delivery of the required products. We can efficiently locate products in any country thanks to a sophisticated international network of contacts and extensive databases, along with expert professionals who are able to analyse the different options available in order to ensure the quickest and most cost-effective solution to each client’s needs. 


We are able to locate the rarest products and ensure fast delivery, regardless of the size of the order.



Import and distribution of pharmaceutical products


        Distribution to pharmacies 

        Distribution to medical professionals

        Responses to professional consultations

        Quick delivery anywhere in the world 

        Search for products anywhere in the world 

        Brand representation in Andorra 

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Pharmaceutical products wholesaler:


Armour Thyroid | Aspirina Bayer | Buccalin Berna | Coffeinum

Contractubex | Donna Creme | Epargriseovit | Ferlixit | Flexall | Joy Rides | Lactaid Ultra | Lipostabil

Melatonina | Modrenal | Nardil  | Osteobiflex triple | Prefolic | Restasis | Samyr | Stud Spray | Tationil

Thioctacid | Transcop | Xenazine | Productos oncológicos | Oncovite


Pharmaceutical solutions   
We find pharmaceutical products, as rare as they may seem, from any country and we deliver them quickly, regardless of the size of the order.

We distribute brands, representing and actively making them well-known in all the pharmacies of the country. We make recommendations and suggestions to the manufacturers according to the dynamics of the market in the Principality of Andorra, so as to respond to the competitors’ action or to gain a share in the market of the sector.